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Who We are

Welcome to our WEARSWADESHI website, where tradition meets fashion and craftsmanship intertwines with style. This brand is the brain child of designer Sanjog Patnaik, who is constantly working hard to make this brand and its product unique and exclusive.  Started in the year 2014,  We take immense pride in presenting a curated collection of exquisite handloom and hand painted creations that celebrate the rich heritage of textile weaving.

At our core, we are passionate about promoting the timeless beauty and cultural significance of handloom fabrics and art. Our mission is to preserve and revive the art of handloom weaving, empowering skilled artisans and uplifting rural communities that have nurtured this craft for generations.

With every thread woven by skilled hands and every pattern meticulously crafted, our handloom apparels embody the essence of craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each piece tells a story, weaving together the threads of tradition, culture, and artistry.

We collaborate directly with talented artisans from different regions renowned for their distinctive handloom techniques. We have our own workshop and by working closely with these master weavers, we ensure the authenticity and superior quality of our handloom apparels. Our commitment to ethical sourcing and fair trade practices enables us to support sustainable livelihoods while offering you exceptional, one-of-a-kind garments.

From vibrant sarees adorned with intricate motifs to elegant kurtas that blend comfort and style, our collection showcases a diverse range of handloom creations for both men and women. Whether you're seeking an ensemble for a special occasion or simply looking to add a touch of elegance to your everyday wardrobe, we have something to cater to your unique taste and preferences.

Our designing house totally focuses on Handloom and hand Painted Apparels. These products are quite unique and would serve as a sophisticated style statement. Our company brings this fabrics and art work close to customer with unique designs done by our in-house fashion designers. Every day you will find fresh products updated on our website. Most of the designs are exclusive and you won’t find any repeats, until it’s not a repeatable product like t-shirt. You can find high quality craftsmanship in our every product’s which we offer.

By choosing our handloom and hand painted apparels, you not only embrace the elegance of traditional craftsmanship but also contribute to the preservation of a living heritage. We believe in the power of fashion to transcend boundaries and bridge cultures, and we invite you to join us on this journey of celebrating the timeless allure of handloom textiles.

Explore our collection, immerse yourself in the beauty of handcrafted fabrics, and experience the joy of wearing a piece of art that carries the legacy of generations past. Thank you for being a part of our story, and we look forward to sharing the magic of handloom and hand paintings with you.